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Artistic Solutions
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Welcome to my website and to my permanent cosmetics facility which is in compliance with all requirements of  Florida State Law  to legally perfom permenant cosmetic and tattoo procedures.

Artistic Solutions Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics was established in Miami, Florida in October 1998. I am Board Certified with the American Academy of Micropigmentation , and I am an active member of the  Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

My practice is limited to the application of Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo and Paramedical Procedures. Cosmetic permanent makeup procedures include: Eyebrow Simulation, Eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement, Full Lip Color and Lip liner.

In addition, I perform Para-Medical Tattoo procedures for people who suffer from disfigurements due to scarring from illness, accident or injury. Cancer survivors, people suffering from alopecia, vision impairment, cleft palate or other physical disabilities which prevent them from applying traditional makeup can feel confident again when these procedures are appropriately applied. Areola Repigmentations and Scar Camouflage procedures are routine at Artistic Solutions.

I welcome you to my web site where you will learn more about the “Art” of Permanent Makeup and my “Art” in my practice. I will share all you need to know about my exciting and fulfilling work.